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Hello from 7,332′ elevation  on the eastern slope in Colorado–not as strange a location for a sea kayak as you might think. My quest for a kayak began in 2006 when I first saw a Pygmy kayak on the beach near Coos Bay. What a beautiful boat! It took a lot longer to make the purchase than I imagined, mostly due to doubts about which kayak was right for me and to a lesser extent some concern about skills needed for construction. Do not let this slow you down. Anyone can do it. And you probably can’t make a bad choice of kayaks, either. Go for it!

The original objective of this site was to share Pygmy kit construction tips, some limited observations about personal equipment, and to document paddling trips. I’ve broadened out to include the Aleutian bidarka and may do other projects in the future. If you have questions you can email me through the contact page. Posts will be sporadic, mostly in the fall.

The site is in three major sections:
Construction — an orderly sequence through the build process
Equipment — personal observations on equipment I’ve used, and why
Touring — photo documentation of places, paddles, and attractions

Links to my other enthusiasms:
www.mindseyephoto.com -- landscape and figure photography
www.airstreamdoctor.com -- refurbishing vintage Airstream trailers
www.electricmaps.com -- USGS Topo and scanned maps of North America
     for use in the excellent Oziexplorer mapping software
Coast and Kayak -- the best sea kayaking mag, with a BC focus
     (open the magazine from the Touring page)

I have no connection to Pygmy Boats in any way. No discounts, no specials–really. OK, I built a couple of their kits – I like them.

Comments are generally OFF on most pages.

If you want to contact me, send an email via the contact form. Thanks.