Squaw Valley Reservior

What a surprise, out in the middle of nowhere, on the way to Gerlach and Burning Man!  If you want to take the scenic route from Bend, OR, to Reno, this is a great place to stop, camp, and kayak.

Road Map

Squaw Valley Reservoir is 16 crow-miles NW of Gerlach

There is a private gate entrance at the north end. You are invited to enter, as long as you comply with the very reasonable list of rules. Once inside, there are three different camping areas, as you can see on the satellite photo. We picked a spot that was relatively private and grassy, but we had to carry our kayaks about 300′ to the water. We looked at the south end camping area from the water, but it didn’t appear that it would be easy to get an RV level there.

Satellite photo

There are two camping locations. The north end is more hospitable, the south end has provisions for small boat launching.

Camp area photo

Camping on the grass next to an existing fire pit, looking NE away from the lake. There are many fire pits througout the north camping area.

One other boater told us that there were seldom any other visitors, but the number of fire pits indicate that there must be some very popular weekends. Most of the time, however, it’s probably very private. The paddling was nice, the water warm enough for swimming (mid-Sept), with reeds and aquatic birds in the north end and rocks, cliffs, and bass/catfish fishing to the south.

Reeds along the banks

Looking NW across the lake.

Volcanic ridge to the SE

Volcanic terrain surrounds the lake to the south. There are many hiking and climbing opportunities on all sides of the lake and in the immediate area.