Deck Rigging

Photos to follow…

My only comment is that the instructions call for rubber washers and my kits didn’t have them. I went to Fastenal to get longer stainless flat-top machine screws and Lowes for steel washers with an integral rubber washer on one side. I like the idea of a rubber seal on the screw holes.

Besides coloring the coaming, deck rigging is one place you can really personalize your kayak. I haven’t done much in that area, yet, but I did want to name the boat and at the same time comply with the coast guard serial number requirement. I did this with a small laser-cut maple nameplate epoxied to the hull before varnishing.

Name and Serial Number Plate

The colors were achieved by using the green, blue, and red Mixol in very small batches of resin. The resin, when cured, was slightly proud of the plate and was then sanded down flat. This allowed the resin to flow outside the graphic, yet still allow the graphic to be sharp after sanding. The name Tukant is a bit of play on words for a solo kayak–the Coho, appropriately enough, is “Kantu.” I guess a double Osprey is going to have to be named …