Coho and Tern – comparison

The Coho, to my eye, certainly has the looks. It’s a beautiful boat and a best seller. For experienced paddlers, it may even have some performance features that make it more desirable, like an easy ability to accept a rudder. On the other hand, it takes about 30% more hours to assemble the hull. It’s more directionally “stiff” in the water, which is highly desirable for a touring kayak, but not as much fun if you’re day paddling close to the shore.

The Tern, on the other hand, is relatively easy to turn and, if you have the skill, will turn like a bandit on the hard chine. Despite this turning ability, it seems to me to have a more stable initial stability and feels more secure for a novice paddler.

The assembly process on both kayaks is identical and straightforward, despite the extra hours that the extra panels require in the hull of the Coho. In the big scheme of things, the extra hours are negligible. Both kayaks are a joy to paddle. I’d take either one, but I personally have a slight preference for the Tern.

The Coho and Tern Under Construction

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