Tern 17 and Links

My kayak construction guide and tips are in no way intended to replace the excellent instructions that come with Pygmy kit kayaks. This guide and tips are my personal observations, which may or may not be of significant help in constructing a kit. They are posted with the hope that they will give a first-time buyer information to avoid the mistakes I made and the motivation to confidently build a kit. The learning curve is not that steep and the resulting boat will be exceptional, even in comparision with composite boats costing three times as much.

No liability is implied or accepted.

Other great sources for tips and construction photos:

Wayne Reinert tips–link to his extensive photos at Pygmy
Light Performance Works–download a 6 mb PDF of tips and photos here
Jeffs Kayak Page–very concise tips just a bit down the page
West Coast Paddler–A similar tutorial on the Tern 14 and other kayak info
John & BJs Place–A guide to selecting your type of kayak, and more
Paddling Net–A review of the Arctic Tern, with many helpful comments

start building!