Equipment list

Read the individual pages regarding specific equipment choice and comments on how they performed in the field. Here’s a summary of basic equipment (*required only for cold water paddling) to consider:

Spray Jacket
Paddle Pants
Dry Suit*
Thermal Undergarments*
Helmet -- don't go in the surf without one
Paddles -- seems obvious, but gotta list them
Paddle Gloves*
Headliner* -- for cold water, with or without helmet
PFD (personal flotation device) -- class III
Deck Rigging -- see Deck Rigging - this is a life saver
Dry Bags
Camera Case or waterproof camera
Whistle -- mandatory Coast Guard item
Fishing Gear
Fishing License -- don't carry fishing gear without one
    Total: ~$2,300 -- half for cold water items

For touring, where you’ll be some distance from shore, possibly at night or in fog, you might consider:

Flashlight and navigation beacon
Air Horn
GMRS radio(s)
VHF marine two-way radio - remote touring or near sea lanes
SPOT locator - remote touring
Sea rescue dye
Charts and waterproof map case
Tide Tables -- keep them up to date, really!
Hydration gear -- something on deck
    Total: ~$800 -- 35% of the total for remote touring

If you’re really touring, e.g., camping from your kayak, you need the obvious camping stuff and maybe some not-so-obvious gear.¬†Add:

Spare Batteries or solar charger
Fire pan --required in many BLM and Forest Service campsites
Sleeping Bag
Changes of clothing
Additional dry bags
Tent -- will the poles fit through your hatches?
Ground cloth
Water -- one gallon per day
First Aid Kit -- some BLM areas require specified quality
Dry Suit repair kit
Stove and fuel
Dehydrated food, spices, etc.

Yes, this totals about 4 times what your kayak kit cost!