Theses pages will expand over the years. I don’t intend to provide a complete tour guide to any of these locations, merely to highlight places I find interesting and worth your consideration.

For more great places, you can always try these links to other, more complete, kayaking guides:

Southwest Paddler – This is an excellent site for kayaking western rivers. Most of the river descriptions have a link to a USGS flow gauge, which allows even a novice to figure out if the river is safe or raging.  There is also a link on their site to extensive trip repeats. It’s all good reading.

Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club- General descriptions of  Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming paddling opportunities. There is also a club trip schedule.

Take a look at the publication below, which is the best sea kayaking periodical I’ve found. It has a BC focus, but is of such general interest that I always read it cover to cover. This is the latest issue as of Mar 2013, but go online to find their current issue and all the back issues.