The Hull

The Hull Comes Together on Day Three

You can have enough panels ready to wire the hull together on day 3.  You can see the deck panels are being glued together in the foreground, with lots of gallon water bottles for weights.

Glued Hull, Without Resin Mess

The hull is glued together and is upside down on the strongback. You can’t see the glue because I had to apply the glue from inside, since I had “aggressively” chamfered the joints and they were tight from the outside–no little “v” to put the glue into. The advantage of a tight joint and applying the glue from the inside is that when you’re done, you don’t have much [or any] resin on the outside, but you have to apply the glue with the hull right side up. I waited about two hours for the resin to get tacky, then picked up the hull and flipped it over so that the frames could rest on the strongback and provide the correct alignment and “rocker.” This is definitely a non-standard construction procedure, but it seems to have worked perfectly.
Note the roller support at the corner of the strongback–I used one of these at opposite corners to support the strongback into perfect flatness.

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