I’ve wanted to build a stitch and glue kayak since I saw one on the beach in Oregon three years ago. I rowed racing shells in Boston a few years back, but the real objective was to build this elegant and beautiful boat. Perhaps it would never get wet, but there was something here that would scratch my woodworking itch.

There was some initial trepidation on my part about skills–I had never done any fiberglass, even though I had an extensive woodworking shop. So, after several trips to the Pygmy sales office in Port Townsend, in May 2009 I finally bought an Arctic Tern and my partner bought a Coho. As an inducement, Pygmy threw in free passes to the Kayak Festival that would happen four months later in September. The project, without any intent on my part, had now moved from the status of an art piece to the status of a serious effort to be on the water at the festival. The trick would be to get back to Colorado, build the boats, and then get back to Port Townsend in time. This was not quite as cool as the Paddle to Seattle, but the pressure was on.