Car Top


The Front Cradle and Rear Rollers on the Topper

The double is going to ride in between the two singles. It’s too heavy to lift up onto the Thule racks from the side, so it’s rolled on from the back. A pair of Yakima Hully Roller wheels makes this possible—yes, they do fit on Thule rectangular bars. Towing an Airstream prevents the double from being loaded so that the two supports are roughly equidistant from the bow and stern–so it sticks out three feet further forward than the singles. The wheels are positioned close together to fit the hull about two feet forward of the stern and the forward cradle fits the hull just aft of the forward cockpit, which is almost the maximum beam of the boat.

Glassing the Inside, Top Plate, and Hold Down Plate

I used rough (C/D) 3/8″ plywood for the body of the cradle, with two unside rails of solid oak to hug the crossbar on either side for the full length of the cradle. I used four 3/8″ #5 bolts to secure the plate underneath the crossbars. The cradle is hollow and the ends are open, allowing a cargo strap to run underneath the support surface. The entire cradle is glassed, inside and out.


Making the Glass Wrap at the Ends

You can get the glass to wrap at the ends by stuffing a wad of paper inside a large piece of plastic wrap into the open ends of the cradle.

You can see the Hully Rollers better in the “ready to go” photo, below. Loading this beastie is definitely a two-person task. Undoing the strap at the cradle will be a challenge, once the solo boats are also loaded.


Ready to Go, with Bow and Stern Lines and Straps at Each Crossbar